A Cross-Country Adventure, with Clio

Freedom had finally beckoned. I was behind the steering wheel of Clio on a long drive through Spain, from San Javier Aeropuerto to Conil de la Frontera. It was estimated to take around 7 hours, as Spanish Carmen the GPS had told me, after I re-routed when I exited the car hire company turning left instead of right. Continue reading

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How not to pick up a Hire Car

To me, the ultimate feeling of freedom comes from driving a car out in the open, especially in a foreign country when you are on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. I love the way it feels; taking control of your life with your hands on the steering wheel and singing at the top of your lungs until your voice cracks, until the point of coughing up a fur ball. Continue reading

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Stepping onto Spanish Soil & Losing it in Translation

Random stories have a habit of finding me. I’m not sure what that’s about. It’s like they are my shadow, waiting to appear when the sun’s out. You can’t escape the shadow; unless it clouds over, you hide in the shade, or it’s dark. But I always seem to be walking around in places where I need to put my sunglasses on. Spain was no different. I wasn’t immune to any NJisms there. Continue reading

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A Sick Dog & a Sick Goodbye

My last weekend in Bournemouth was jam packed with laughter, despite EBF not being there. She had to go to her Gran’s for the weekend and maintain favourite status. So instead, I hung out with her friends. Continue reading

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Free Flowers and a Bleeding Head

I spent a lot of the day time on my own; thinking, observing, writing… being. Some things would make me smile and some things would make me wonder about human behaviour and how we work.

After another visit to the park in the warming sunshine glow, I was happy to discover that there happened to be some live lunchtime jazz playing. I found a spot, along from two old birds that were alternating deep conversation with staring out into the distance. I hadn’t seen it happen, but I’d noticed when everyone’s heads appeared to be focused in one direction; where a daytime drunk had fallen over and caned his head on the concrete to the point where his skull was pissing blood. His backpack had fallen down on the step and something black had fallen out. Continue reading

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Losing my Mind & Booking Tickets

While EBF was at work, I explored Bournemouth. I’d spend afternoons down at the park beneath the hot air balloon; with headphones in my ears, people watching, and writing. I’d sit in cafes; sipping on espresso and eating cake, listening to the locals while I tapped away at stories. I’d walk along the boulevard, inhaling the sea air. At night we’d hang out with EBF’s friends, sharing amazing waffles or trying to politely eat a chili dish; one that her flatmate had cooked and was so strong that the spices were singing my nostril hairs while it was still bubbling on the stove, and I was in the lounge. Continue reading

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On the English Coast with a Sneaky Gull & Paddy the Pooch

The new hair style came with a celebration outing. I hadn’t even told EBF that I’d booked it in to get it done. So when I opened the door, she just looked up at me with her mouth agape; like one of those Carnival clown games on pause. Her mouth grew wider and then a sound came out; a shriek, an exclamation of ‘who are you?’ with a whole lot of wow-ness and a lot of ‘I cannot believe you did it!’ Continue reading

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The Hair Cut

I want to write about the day that I had my cut my hair… because this wasn’t any ordinary haircut.

I was sitting on a black salon chair, the kind that swivels awkwardly and sticks to your bare legs if you’re slightly warmed by the season. A cape weighted down on my shoulders and an apprentice was blow drying my mane, for the last time. Wet flicks had clung to the polyester until it had all succumbed to being dried, and then firmly grappled into a braid. Continue reading

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Busses, Burley and Bournemouth

Edinburgh to London was my first overnight bus journey. The coach was full and the loo paper roll was empty. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to a lovely young scientist, who sounded like she was from the posh part of London. Whilst the sky faded, she told me about her research and her field of work with fervour, until she announced “I’m going to sleep now.” Continue reading

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In the Comfort of Company with my Scottish Best Friend

As with my last trip to the land of lochs and Mac’s, my return was more about spending time with my Scottish Best Friend, SBF, than actually touring around. She had two weeks off and I spent this usurping as much of her presence as possible. This was us just sitting, being, drinking cups of tea, eating over-sized pieces of duty-free Toblerone, and laughing until I was foetal on the floor in my giraffe onesie. Continue reading

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