Scotland, Please let me back in!

It would seem I may as well live here, in Scotland. My kilted ancestry lies here, one of my best friends lives here, and I always seem to come back. If the weather turned itself up to a better temperature, then hello…. I am your woman. Continue reading

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Arrivederci Italia!

There’s nothing like a bit of in your face amorous behaviour, to depart Italia on. It was my last weekend on the Riviera and a couple had moved into the room next door. I knew this because there was a combination of manly voice, cutesy giggling, heavy breathing, and what I had come to learn were paper thin walls. Head phones and youtubed Cosby Show were my new best friends. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 6

Once again, I was feeling under the weather. But at times of feeling rubbish it’s sometimes when I surprise myself the most. I managed to find a health shop within the small shopping streets of Varazze and locate some Echinacea. I also managed a walk and decided on some beach tanning time, to coat myself in a pre-summer glow. An older man turned up amid the bikinis, taking off his shirt and leant against the fence. I relaxed on my sarong to his random singing notes splicing the serenity, with some nearby girls suppressing their laughter at the wannabe soprano soloist. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 5 – Stuck in a Football Final Frenzy

My time in Italia coincided with the first anniversary of my father’s death. It was probably why I was so weird and stressed out in the first week and why I felt ill, in the next. Torino had often come up as a place that I had wanted to live, ‘when’ I moved to Italy. I knew nothing of it, except that I was drawn to it. So May 14th seemed like the ideal day to go and visit there. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 4

My next week on the Italian Riviera, was filled with hope and opportunities of enjoying Italian life. After a week of gaining the courage to speak any of the language that could be heard above a croaky whisper, I was told that I have ‘bellissimo Italiano’ skills, by my breakfast waiter. I’m a perfectionist and really make an effort to speak with the correct pronunciation, because for me, I believe it shows effort and respect for the culture and its people. So I was stoked to hear that I was on the right track, by an Albanian migrant. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 3 – A Trip to Cinque Terre

After my big decision that I was going to say no to the job, I tossed up going to Cinque Terre for a day trip. It was somewhere that I’d vaguely heard about and came recommended from a friend; so on the Saturday morning of, I made a last minute decision to go… and I’m so glad that I did. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 2

The next couple of days in Italy were filled with random train stories and big life decisions. I was asked to do some training for the school, which was me sitting in on some lessons and finding out what they were about. Chatting with the younger kids, made me miss my nieces and nephews. In between one set of classes I ate mini yo-yo biscuits smooshed together with Nutella and then watched a dog inquisitively sniff at a ferret on a leash. Continue reading

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Ciao Italia! – Part 1

My excitement for being in Italia was overshadowed by nerves of a potential new job and for the first time in a very long time, being alone in a foreign speaking country. After the crazy day of travel, I’d let myself sleep in, and then head down for breakfast which was part of my hotel deal. I walked in to see this massive buffet of fresh fruits, cereals, toast with spreads, cold cuts, cheeses, yogurts, a massive jar of Nutella, cakes and a plethora of pastries; that I warned myself to refrain from so that I wouldn’t balloon into a vacation eating machine. Continue reading

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From Scotland to Italia, Finalamente! Eccomi Qua

My Italian jaunt was set to begin; a destination I’d been longing for, for over half a year. There was a pull to live and work in a foreign speaking country, under the golden sun with rustic pasta and cheap local vino in hand. The lost in translation moments, the toothless old mamas cackling with their skirt waistlines holding up their bosoms, the winding streets with old apartment buildings and colourful blooms perched from balcony windows… I was ready for this. Continue reading

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Scotland, Upon my Return

I have been slacker than a pair of trousers when it has come to updating my travels. It has been a combination of finding the time because I am with friends or I’m discovering new things. I’m probably around five weeks behind… naughty, naughty NJ! Let the catch up begin! Continue reading

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