A Letter to my Grandfather, for ANZAC Day

Dear Grandad,

My name is NJ. I am your fifth grandchild, and if you were still around, I would probably be your favourite. Just ask your wife; she knows. We have never met, but I wish that you had been around long enough for me to give you a hug.

When I was a kid, I would ask what happened, why did you die? The answer was always the same, “Because of the war.” What did the war do to you?

I’ve been told that you got married to Nana on a Friday at the courthouse, then had your weekend-long honeymoon, followed by your deployment to Africa. Nana was a mighty fine lady, one of my most favourite people in the world, so I trust that she wouldn’t just marry any old bugger. That must’ve been hard, saying goodbye; not knowing when you’d come back, not knowing if you’d come back. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – What is Death?

Death is all around us; from the rotting carcass of a gnarly old tree, to the flattened hedgehog kicked to the side of the road, to the bouquet of flowers that hang their heads low from the lip of a vase; dispersing petals that fray and curl.

Death surrounds us. It is part of the norm. It is on our television screens at 6 o’clock. It happens to the villain on the silver screen, that we have paid to go and see. It is across the front page of the daily rag. How many lives lost – 1, 2, 3… 128? An accompanying picture and a thousand words… words that tell us how to feel about this, words that tell us whose side we are on. ‘Oh that’s horrible’, as we turn the page, change the channel, look away. Continue reading

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Chur! It’s a Beard Festival

When people ask me about my travel last year, there is one experience that is at the forefront of my memory and features heavily in my regaling – the time I watched a beard competition. This will go down in the history books of my memory.   Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – A Life in Quotes

We inhale.
We exhale.
We breathe.

We sleep.
We wake up.
We open our eyes to a new day.

But what is life? Continue reading

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The Swiss Meltdown

Travel is a whirlwind adventure filled with wonderment, adventure, escapism, and personal growth. You put yourself out there, out of the security of your bubble and into the unknown – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Everything was going great and everything was wonderful – until I freaked out. I had experienced lots of little mini freak outs on this journey because typically I’m a scheduler; ones about not having booked places to stay or upcoming flights, ones about going back to places where I’d been with Mr T… but nothing had prepared me for panic attacks. The only things that I thought would meltdown in Switzerland, was the cheese under a hot grill or the chocolate in my mouth. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – What do you Tell Yourself?

There is one thing that I have been notoriously good at throughout the years and that is being hard on myself; judgmental, critical, mean, deplorable, hurtful, and downright nasty – you name it, I have internally uttered the most destructive things. My inner voice has ribbed:

You’re worthless.
You’re a mean person.
You’re hideous.
You’re not smart enough.
You’re not good at this.
You deserved that.
Nobody likes you.
Nobody cares. Continue reading

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The Swiss Food that I Miss

I have just been perusing my travel diary, flicking through the pages and wondering what part of my Swiss adventure that I’ll blog about next. The beard festival, Heidiland, my trip to Lake Como…?  That all went out the window when I read “creamy butter”. So I am going to interrupt my journey to blog about what my taste buds are missing the most, from the land of ‘cows that wear bells’. Let me share my salivations with you… Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – Be Kind to Self

In a world where we are so busy, rushing around to tick boxes and achieve for someone else, for ourselves…

Be kind to self.

In a world where there is never enough time to fit every single thing into a day…

Be kind to self. Continue reading

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I Heart Tuesdays – A Lesson in Learning Forgiveness

Often we are told to ‘forgive’, to release ourselves from begrudging clutches. Sometimes we feel like we can’t, sometimes we feel like we have, and sometimes we just don’t want to let go. When you have truly forgiven, when something similar may happen again, you are ok with it. You don’t think or speak ill of the aforementioned with a twisted intestine or venom in your voice. Continue reading

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Along the Beaten Track

Switzerland really is quite quaint, with a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. Amid the rainy days flourishing the greens, I’d follow little paths through the woods and along undulating hillsides. Continue reading

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